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  • The Best Views - Located on a 15-acre hillside preserve, the resort overlooks beautiful Water Bay, the Caribbean Sea, and the British and U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The Best Location - We are three minutes away from Coki Beach and Coral World, five minutes away from Red Hook and the ferry boats, one mile from Lindquist Beach and just thirty minutes from the Cyril E. King Airport (STT). 
  • Spacious Accommodations - The villas are independently owned, attractively designed, and feature spacious interiors, fully equipped kitchens and oversized balconies. Grocery delivery is available as well as restaurant and mini bar delivery service.
  • Intimate, Friendly & Fun - There is a reason why Point Pleasant Resort has been ranked the number one St. Thomas resort on Trip Advisor since 2014. Our staff is passionate about providing guests with an intimate, friendly and fun vacation
  • Romantic - Nothing is more romantic than the views from the balconies. But our resort is also uncrowded, private and secluded. And we don't take anything for granted when it comes to creating special memories for couples celebrating their honeymoon or any special occasion. 



Point Pleasant Resort was founded by Ruth and Gunther Pfanner. Gunther was a renowned aerospace engineer and metallurgist in the aerospace industry. While his primary passion was his work, Ruth and Gunther developed a second passion, which was their love for the Caribbean. 

In their early fifties, Gunther and Ruth decided to pursue their passion for the Caribbean by searching for development sites. Gunther, Ruth, and their family eventually settled on St. Thomas where they began purchasing the parcels that currently comprise Point Pleasant Resort. Gunther was an extremely energetic, meticulous, well-organized individual who spent countless hours laying out the site plan for his dream. He was very hands-on and insisted on using high quality materials when no one else in the Caribbean cared about such things. The original balcony railings were all California Redwood and the cabinets were solid Mahogany.  Gunther, Ruth, their two daughters Karen and Diane, and two sons-in-law, both named Tim, all worked at the resort during the early years. Gunther's vision for Point Pleasant was for man and nature to live in harmony, and he achieved this, along with his wife and family, concept to completion with a gentle and loving hand. Gunther passed away in 1981. Ruth Pfanner, who is in her early nineties, still descends and climbs the stairs from the family residence at Point Pleasant Resort to the lobby almost every day to retrieve her mail. Greeting her in the lobby is one of the highlights of our day!