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The Virgin Islands provide novice and expert hikers plenty of wonderful experiences. 

The Virgin Islands National Park on St. John offers an assortment of unique hiking trails. You can find an enjoyable 30 minute stroll through shady forest to an invigorating full day hike.

If you enjoy hiking or walking then spending time on Water Island is something you will find gratifying. Water Island is just 491.5 acres in size and its highest point is 300 feet above sea level. The roads are not steep and offer a comfortable hike, walk or run.

The British Virgin Islands consists of 60 islands ranging from Tortola, where 85% of the 30k population live, to tiny sandy cays and isolated rocks scattered randomly on the very edge of the North Atlantic Ocean’s south-western quadrant. Perhaps only a dozen of the islands are occupied and of these seven feature well known hiking trails. 

Let’s go hiking!